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How to Make Your Singing Bowl Sing

Hold your bowl very flat on the palm of your hand. Make sure your fingers are not touching the sides. Gently strike the side of the bowl with the suede-tipped end of the striker to ensure you are getting a clear, open tone. Take the striker and begin rubbing and circulating it around the top outer lip of the bowl. The striker should be touching the bowl at the same angle as the top lip. Keep circling the around the outside lip and apply some pressure. You should feel the vibration as the bowl begins to generate it's tone.  Your bowl should begin to "sing" and will do so  as long for as long as you continue to rub the top lip of the bowl in a circular fashion.

What is the Meaning of the Mani Mantra?

The Mani Mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, is probably the most practiced mantra in the Himalayan world. This mantra invokes the innate great compassion and wisdom that pervades the primordial nature of all sentient beings.

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